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Lynda and Wayne family photos and information.

New Family Photos

Lynda Jo

Wayne and Lynda study Snoopy at a ride park.

Wayne Ed

All bubbles


Happy Birthday

Stop tickling me

You have to love grandchildren

True Love

Lynda the Harley Rider

Visiting Tabitha at Stoney Creek

Family Fun

Lancer Family

Conner  45 years apart   Caryn

Wayne and Lynda

Tabitha ?  Lance


Lance the charmer

Do you see any similarity

Conner the Charmer

Tabitha D

Lance and Tabitha

Lance ED

Having fun

Makes the day

Prom again


Brother and Sister Love

Tabitha and Mitsuwe

Conner and Lance

Lance and Ashley

Aurora and Conner


Aurora and Ashley

Conner fishing

Edward Lee

The Boys make a Hutch

Edward Lee later

Serious Conner

Bored Conner

Scared Conner

Funny Conner

Lance's son, Conner.  Twelve years old.  Honor Student.

Conner Edward Lee Crotty

Sixth Grade Student.

Loves baseball, ice hockey and reading.

Spelling Bee Winner, Battle of Books team, and Young Writer.