Burning Coal 1

Christmas Pot 1

Praying Lady

Boxer 1

White clay on red clay

Blue closed vase

S Silver ring s1

Christmas pot 2

S Silver Ring s2

Brown Bowl

5.7 ft x 8 ft Oil Painting

burn rock 4

Burning Rocks 4

S Silver Sport s1

S Silver Sport s2

White Tree

Coin Jewelry

Striped Pot


Shadow Box 1

S Silver Ring s4

Pot with lid

S Silver Ring s4

First burning rock

Oil canvas

Burning Coal 4

S Silver Sport s3

S Silver Bracelet b1

S Silver Sport s4

Raku Pot with flowers

S Silver Sport s5

Raku Vase tall

Praying Lady 2

Shadow Box 3

 Renoir Study in B&W

Winter Storm o1

S Silver ring  s8

S Silver Sport s6

S Silver Ring s3

Coin Bracelet b2

Blue to White acrilic


S Silver Sport s7